Biggest Issue? “Voting Machines”

Even I don’t agree with this Iowa caucus participant, but it’s nice to see the voters haven’t forgotten about our problematic voting machines. Look at this report filed from LeMars–

Claire Packard is an undecided voter. “The biggest issue I think is the voting machines and the progress that government has to make to get them up and going next year.”

Luckily the caucusses don’t use voting machines, so Iowa has a little more time to get ready. Voter Packard may be aware of the turmoil over voting machines that has rocked California, Ohio, New York, and Colorado in recent months. All’s quiet in Iowa, though, as our auditors try to implement our new paper trail law in a way they can be proud of. Stay tuned.

2 Responses to “Biggest Issue? “Voting Machines””

  1. Mr. Obamarama Says:

    I think she was referring to it on a national level since every other issue that Iowans are concerned about is on a national level as well. Iraq, the economy, terrorism, education. However the direction in which policies are implemented are determined by the elections in which the last two it was proven that voter machines failed on an enormous scale, probably giving George Bush the election, in which case we all lost. Making sure that our electoral process is secure is essential to every American’s freedom, not just Iowans’

    Get a clue buddy.

  2. Arlene Montemarano Says:

    Americans need an open process for counting votes. It is absolutely essential to prevent further erosion of our democracy.

    Unaudited U.S. election results obtained from secretly counted invisible e-ballots provide no confidence. US election systems are set up to commit the perfect crime, leaving no evidence. This includes optical scan machines as well as touchscreens, which may have brought us this criminal regime.

    The risks of Electronic are deep inside. Electronics should never be used for voting.

    Computers enable the greatest propensity for theft this nation has ever seen.

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