A Christmas Present

Here’s a surprise package I found under my election reform tree on Christmas eve: Approval Voting.

I’ve lately been interested in instant runoff voting as a way of broadening the field of candidates. This idea of approval voting sounds better:

Approval voting allows voters to vote for as many candidates as they find acceptable. For instance, one can approve of a minor-party favorite and at the same time vote for an acceptable major-party candidate. There is no ranking; the candidate with the most approval votes wins, ensuring that the winning candidate is acceptable to the largest fraction of the electorate.

. . . it should induce more citizens to go to the polls, . . . It allows minor-party candidates to receive their proper due, . . .[It] should also reduce negative campaigning, . . .[It] can be implemented on existing voting machines and is relatively easy for voters to understand.

What’s not to like? It’s even used already by some private associations. It’s how we get a new Secretary General at the UN, too.

Put this on your back burner and move to the post below for a front burner item–a petition for you to sign.

Merry Christmas.

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