HAVA Irony: Blind Voters STILL Assisted

Despite the purchase of touchscreen voting machines for the express purpose of enabling disabled citizens to vote unassisted, some visually-impaired voters still voted the old-fashioned way yesterday. They got help at the polls.

A pollworker in the precinct next door to my own told me that three voters had other people mark the ballot for them. In fact the voters were not even offered the headphones that would have enabled them to vote alone. That equipment was never taken out of the box.

Two of the voters got one R pollworker and one D pollworker to fill in the ballot as it was done before the Help America Vote Act. A third voter brought her own assistant to the polling place.

According to the pollworker these voters (elderly, I think) were probably not interested in learning to operate the touchscreen.

These three voters and I would appear to have something in common. We both prefer the work of local pollworkers to the work of black boxes.

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