Election Results

Iowa has a new, well-qualified Secretary of State in Michael Mauro. He supports paper trails, as Culver did. Congratulations, Mr. Mauro.

The Iowa legislature is now controlled by Democrats. That means paper trail legislation will not be held hostage to Rep. Libby Jacobs’s voter identification mandate.

Rep. Mary Gaskil may become chair of the House state government committee. She had the good sense to invite UI professor Doug Jones to speak to the legislature about voting machines last spring.

In Washington Democrats took the House. The excellent paper trail bill HR 550 can now come up for a vote.

The Governor of Maryland, who wanted to scrap the state’s touchscreen voting gadgets, was defeated.

In California an initiative for public financing of campaigns for state office was defeated, but open source advocate Debra Bowen was elected Secretary of State. That is the best news in all the secretary of state races nationwide.

Citizens in Sarasota, Florida approved an initiative to require paper trails and routine audits of voting equipment. They had to defeat their own local election officials in this campaign.

In Pennsylvania Republicans said machines were flipping votes from Santorum to Casey:

Pennsylvania GOP officials claimed there were reports that some machines were changing Republican votes to Democratic votes. They asked the state to investigate and said they were not ruling out a legal challenge.

According to Santorum’s camp, people are voting for Santorum, but the vote either registered as invalid or a vote for Casey.

Asked if the party would consider legal action, state Republican executive director Scott Migli said, “We’ve got all options on the table at this point. We feel like the electoral system has been left up to computer technicians.”

How right they are. Now Republicans will likely sign on to HR 550. Very few have done so up to now.

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