Touchscreen Fails at Havelock Poll

I was the 9th voter in Havelock, Iowa, this morning. As I was being handed my ballot, poll worker Gary Zhorne said that the touchscreen voting machine was not working. “We turned it on but nothing happens,” he said, or words to that effect.

Gary also worked the June primary (when it was working), so he is not new at this. My precinct has both a paper ballot scanning system and the touchscreen machine to serve handicapped voters.

The poll workers also asked for my driver’s license despite knowing me personally. All three of them know me personally. I refused to show it. They tried to find their written instructions on the matter but gave up and let me vote.

Here is the law

3. A precinct election official shall require any person whose name does not appear on the election register as an active voter to show identification. Specific documents which are acceptable forms of identification shall be prescribed by the state commissioner.
A precinct election official may require of the voter unknown to the official, identification upon which the voter’s signature or mark appears. If identification is established to the satisfaction of the precinct election officials, the person may then be allowed to vote.

emphasis added. That’s code 49.77 (3)

But I am an active voter, and they do know me. Nothing is required but my signature.

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