Problems Come & Go In Havelock

I returned to the Havelock poll with copies of the rules on voter identification and found Diebold’s local distributor had a man on the scene to get the touchscreen working. It turns out that the touchscreens are “touchy.”

According to the repairman the program card was loose and not making electrical contact. He said it probably shook loose in transit. He pushed it tightly into place and that fixed it.

He also said he had brought with him a duplicate program card, just in case. Isn’t this the card that must be protected with security tape? How is it that vendors run around with spare parts in their pockets? Do they have security tape on their pockets?

Meanwhile the paper scanner had caused another mishap. A voter had left his ballot on the scanner and he had left the polls. Pollworker Gary said the ballot was not marked by filling in the ovals but by marking the actual names on the ballot. The scanner machine considered it an “undervoted” ballot and spit it back out. The voter either didn’t notice or didn’t know that he was supposed to do something about it and he left the polling place.

Gary said the voter’s intended votes were quite clear, so they put it in a provisional ballot envelope for the county to deal with tonight.

I’m guessing this vote will go uncounted. Iowa does not require the pollworkers to try to discern the intent of the voter. It requires the voters to mark the ballot as directed and no other way.

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  1. Angela Says:

    The “extra” card that the repairman carries in their pocket is blank, it would have to be prgramed, which can be done by the auditor at the courthouse. Good watching out though.

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