The Race for Secretary of State

Democratic Party candidate for Secretary of State Mike Mauro last week released his fundraising report, as did all Iowa candidates. Mauro claimed nearly $100,000 cash on hand. He has no primary opponent.

“Republicans Chuck Allison and Robert Dopf reported $8,044 and $7,206, respectively,” according to a report at

Meanwhile Dopf is quoted in the Sioux City Journal on his campaign to reign in absentee voting. To that end he accused Chet Culver of not attending to the issue:

“Under eight years of Chet Culver, I heard a lot about getting out the vote,” Dopf said. “I never once heard anything about the security or integrity of the process.”

That is an overstatement. Culver has recently advocated for paper ballots as insurance against paperless computer voting. That is the main problem in election integrity these days.

Governor Vilsack has issued a challenge to the Secretary of State candidates throughout the nation. He wants them to take a VOTES pledge (everything has to have an acronym these days).

VOTES goes like this:

To restore public confidence that voting is a right not a privilege, I believe:

*VERIFIABLE:* Every vote cast must be counted by a system that is auditable with a verifiable paper trail.

*OBJECTIVE*: Every election official must conduct their
responsibilities openly and objectively to restore public confidence.

*TOUGH*: Every law to prevent voter intimidation and fraud must be vigorously enforced.

*EQUAL*: Every citizen must have equal access to locations, adequate machines and well-trained election judges.

*SECURE*: Every voting machine must be secured during all aspects of voting to protect the integrity of the count.

You can also sign on to this campaign at Vilsack’s Heartland PAC website here.

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